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starry eyed

dwelling between dropping the blog and call it quits
june is the month where this blog turns 10 years old
don't know where to take this project to… thought i knew, but now i doubt it.
i'm kind of tired of running in circles, not being 'successful' after all this work
the whole ordeal that goes behind creating content,
yes it worked as a form of outlet and helped me in connecting with many people throughout the years
but then again comes the fact that things change and there is a need to evolve
i am a woman of few words, and i find it conflicting to type down my thoughts [mostly due me moving to the next subject as soon as i start the first idea that i tried to write down… sad] but i feel this has to be the end… then again i feel this need to hold on to the thing i built myself back in 2008 when being the weird outcast kid from a small town with this message in a bottle hoping for someone or something to save me… anyways, should i do what Martin did and left when he knew there was nothing else to say? i should start learning more from him.


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