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28 going on 8

i started joking to the fact that now that i turned 28 i felt like my inner 18 year old self was beaming,
but as i have come down to my sneaker-head, this pair of hulk vans make my inner 8 year old boy is thriving and kicking ass the way i never did back when i was actually 8
it's funny because when i was a little girl i preferred being part of the all-boys taekwondo class instead of the gymnastics for girls crew… once a tomboy always a tomboy
even if my mom insisted that my hulk vans are more of a fiona moment… [im her princess mmmkay]

[amazon sunglasses  +  Levis t-shirt  +  Levis white trucker jacket  +  Maison Martin Margiela cotton bag  +  Vans x Marvel HULK slip-ons]


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