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summer rollin'

as of late, i've been feeling this sudden 00's vibe, the cargos, the t-shirts, the sneakers…
i even stated the other night '28 is the new 18!'
god, i wish my 18 year-old self feels proud of where we are now ten years later…
and that's the thing, as much as i yearned about the future, i am now holding onto the present.
so, 'what a time to be alive!', found this t whilst browsing the sale rack [as i always do] from the mens hm and felt it belonged to me… and then because the print was white it matched as a dream to my good-old trusty pants + converse combo but i needed the trucker jacket, and call it luck but found it on my size on sale at amazon! because yours truly is a shopaholic, i obvs primed it and got it the next day… it's been EONS since i go to bed and feel exited about next day's outfit! i know, its so stupid and silly but i was exited about this! so much so that my ig stories got flooded with selfies on my new full length mirror… it's these things that get me going even when the going gets hard.

my grey hairs are making a cameo again… still going strong!

[Levi's white trucker jacket  +  HM skeleton hand print t-shirt  +  AEO paint splattered pants  +  Zara leather bag  +  Maison Martin Margiela x converse sneakers]


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