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business woman working from home

if i have a fantasy, it is to be a strong boss lady. always busy, looking pristine everyday to project she's in charge and has her life in order… in reality, i'm a freelancer who has no control over her life and most of the time i'm working from bed at all hours depending on how much i procrastinated and how soon my deadline is… i need to get my shit together!
however! thanks to fashion, i can pretend to be that woman even if i'm currently unemployed and all my projects have been canceled! [did you think my constant posting was extra effort during this trying times, you are wrong, too much time on my hands…] yay CORONA!
got this dress one day randomly scrolling through a website that sells second hand clothes in México for a mere nothing… i wondered why i had bought it even if it's not really my style, i got carried away only by it being Jil Sander, my weakness for anything power lesbian-chic gets carried away at times. i tried to date it but i can't figure out if this is Raf's era or old Jil vs new Jil, it matters.
anyways, i wore it around the house one day prior to breaking my toe… so i wont be able to wear heels in a month, a blessing in disguise it happened when i literally have nowhere to go and i don't 'have to' wear anything other than slippers around the house.
[ps, this is my neighbor's front, i had no contact nor anyone was exposed to contagion… seems relevant to point out somehow, stay home kids… it's the least we can do]

[Jil Sander dress  +  Fendi bytheway bag and strap worn as belt  +  Céline pumps]


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