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CHANEL new formulas vs shade ranges

there's a drama that in times like this is both stupid and important
so CHANEL reformulated their iconic SOLEIL TAN and the POUDRE UNIVERSELLE
in an attempt to become 'cleaner' removing chemicals and talc but adding coconut butter
with the audacity of not adding more shades, as if just one shade of bronzer would actually work for all skin tones, its ridiculous!
i have had this for a while now, but i feel the conversation about beauty items being 'iconic' will now have to fill the requirement for 'inclusivity' and will brands understand that it's not just a fad to be 'inclusive' but its a legitimate necessity…
systemic racism is within every inch of our society… and as beauty lovers we must make smarter shopping.

[original formulas of the CHANEL poudre universelle libre + CHANEL soleil tan bronze universelle]


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