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before youtube tutorials, this book was the bible for many aspiring makeup artists
the makeup line is sublime, a new favorite
the brushes are so luxurious… worth every penny in my humble opinion

the iconic contour powder is flawless, perfect for enhancing my features, subtle but makes a difference
the neo-bronzer is so perfect for a blush-bronzer all over the cheeks i've been going for that very often lately…
the neo-highlighter impressed me, i am not a fan of iridescent unicorn-like glow but this is so different and i love the huge packaging and the option to select the color but that purple final touch has my heart!

the lipstick packaging [all packaging to be honest, but this one i love too much!] is smaller than most lipsticks but its cap is magnetic and the lipstick itself has a nice scent [kind of spicy-sweet! i smell tamarindo] the shade is VV vampy and i love it! 90's i'm here!

the foundation is so beautiful, i even got a backup! shade 3 is perfect for me and the concealer works perfect! there's nothing bad i can say about it… maybe the price but i found them discounted on amazon and i can't complain!

all in all, i am a big fan! want to get more brushes but thus far this is my collection, and i love them!


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