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Happy Bday To Me

yes... i was born a lovely morning on june 12 back in 1990... and yes that means i'm officially A FUCKING GROUN UP! and i can have all the booze i want everywhere in this earth and go to vegas and bid my soul... ITS MY 21st BDAY...
[i love it that it seems im quite exited by this fact when actually im sitting in a couch listening to depressing music mourning all this years that have gone by so fast...and scared by the fact that i have to face now TONS of responsibilities now on my own... independence is nocking my door...]

[pic courtesy (which i just grabbed) of because when i was a rebel teenager and stud lover, i promissed myself i was going to give myself this CollierDeChien by HERMES and guess what?! im broke so maybe reschedule to my 30bday ;D ]


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