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Maison Martin Margiela Disco Ball oversized high heels SS 09

this past five years in my life have been all about collecting fashion treasures
moments that created an impact in object design history, in my opinion.
personally, when i visited the Margiela boutique in NY last year i felt betrayed
it felt so clean and chic, far away from it's white DIY industrial lux mix identity
as a die-hard fan [if you ever get the chance to see Martin, let him know i respect him, please]
i've been scouting the pieces that in my opinion represent his ironic and so smart designs
and this shoes for me are the perfect example of that. [i also have them in red… the gemini in me]
here is the link for how the boutique looked and what it had in there back in 2010
not getting the disco heels back then [lets be real, they were archive piece and they were asking for more than i am possibly worth, so it had to be a no thank you, i'll-see-you-later type of situation]
yet, here we are, reunited at last
it only took a lucky ebay bid from me losing on them again, but the stars were aligned, we were meant to be.
so happy to have them, and believe me, i said it back then and i'll say it again
they are meant to be on my bookshelf. but we will go dancing one day ;)
i sort of want the melting disco balls by Rotganzen as decor for my living room!!!
[oh, i've got the matching disco ball bolero!!! post soon!!!]


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