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i [once again] have no words to express how i feel… even my body told me so today… i havent been digesting anything… not even food… do i feel sick? yes, of being me!
arg i know i might be the most unthankful person ever… but, sometimes i wish i had the guts to change what i dont like instead of just letting it pass me by… ok, better put my mind in peace and off to the treadmill i better go!

yes, i regret not buying more Isabel Marant when i had the chance… but i guess for now ZARA sales will do…

 i am in loved with this beautiful dog!!! i can see both of us having the life… u name it! walking down the streets of NY or chilling over any Rue in Paris… we would be very perfect for each other…
 and this is the final look of me with the bangs…


  1. Thanks for dropping by. That's certainly a new piece of information for me. Where did you know about the Helmut Lang patterns by the way?