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crossed paths…

i guess i better learn my lesson soon… taking photos no matter what, who, or where is not safe.

mejor aprendo mi lección pronto… tomar fotos donde sea, quien vea, sin importar que no es seguro.
what makes man think that saying grotesque stuff is going to make you fall for them?
by the way, i was wearing my glasses under the sunglasses, 

que le hace creer a los hombres que gritan cosas grotescas que uno se va a enamorar de ellos?
por cierto, traigo mis lentes de oftálmicos  debajo de los de sol,
when i got this jacket, i was a victim of sale's assistant flirtatious tactic…
i got carried away… i liked it, yes, but even on 'sale' i was not planning on getting it…
i blame the hot staff and his subtle convincing technique.
good thing this is VERY well made, even if it was 'inspired' by Burberry…
i like it way too much, that's it people, retail experience.
[CHANEL glasses + Blue Satin nail polish  +  Massimo Dutti combined leather and fabric jacket  +  Zara waxed jeans  +  Burberry Prorsum sneaker wedged creeper]


  1. ok, this outfit & pics says it all. the jacket? i doesn't look like it's from massimo dutti, dope!

    1. it is!!! total Burberry 'inspired' but i didn't care, that's a first.
      isn't it crazy how prices drop during the sales?
      [i placed the link for the jacket… i love it]