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prepare for the times ahead…

its twisted how fashion and politics in the higher level are connected…
in the early 2000's, camouflage took over all the fashion retailers racks as the 'print of the moment'
a little time later, once we had already implanted the idea of war attire [cargo pants where never as fancy as back in those days, remember?] as a way of life, we were facing the thread of the third world war, which sort of happened throughout the last 10 years or so…
now, today we face the same uncertainty… and all our parkas and camouflage printed everything feels inappropriate.

es curioso como la moda y las políticas en niveles superiores están conectados…
a principios del 2000, el camuflaje estaba en todas las prendas de los almacenes como el estampado en todos los colores y sabores; un poco después, cuando ya nos habíamos hecho a la idea de que las prendas de ejercito eran la opción para la vida diaria [los pantalones de estilo militar nunca fueron tan populares como en aquel entonces recuerdan?], nos enfrentamos a la amenaza de la tercera guerra mundial, que paso en alguna manera durante estos últimos 10 años mas o menos…
ahora, hoy estamos frente la misma incertidumbre… y todas nuestras parkas y todo lo que tenga camuflaje se siente inapropiado.
in my defense, i wore this to the movies yesterday, before i knew what was going to happen today…
and i think this shoes have been on serious rotation lately.

en mi defensa, use esto ayer para ir al cine, antes de saber que esto sucederia hoy…
y creo que estos zapatos han sido seriamente abusados ultimamente.
[CHANEL 3213 eyewear + Khaki Vert nail polish  +  Hussein Chalayan for UM parachute shirt  +  UNIQLO jeans  +  Burberry Prorsum creepers  +  Alexander Wang prisma tote  +  F21 multiple ring  +  TodoModa spike bracelet  +  Marc Jacobs + Maripol twisted ring]


  1. I love your blog! (Love those Chanel glasses!!)

    1. thank you koko!!!
      they are so simple yet so cool!!!
      i love them too, its pure understated luxe.

    2. Yes I agree! What size are the glasses? (I believe they have it in 52 and 54)
      Sadly, this design from Chanel is discontinued where I live.

      Other than that, I hope to see more post of your fashion. I really love your style! It helps me with my fashion, which I am not too good..!

    3. somebody asked me the same Q and honestly i have no idea…
      let me measure it… [gets up and looks for a ruler…]
      i have no idea.
      mine are these,4,26,7

      there are also these, but not mine,4,24,7

      hope this clears a bit the confusion…

    4. Thank you!
      But its written on the glasses, I mean, the branch (?) If you look closely. Thanks!

    5. ok, it says:
      CHANEL 3213 c.501 52[square]16 140
      hope this says something…
      oh btw, do you have a blog, twitter something?

    6. Thanks for the info, I found a seller online, and I bought the size 54... hope it wont be too big... !

      And no, I don't have a blog or twitter, I just like to read people's blog hehe :)

    7. i'm so happy you found them!!!
      oh i dont think they would look bad if they fit 'big' they are cool and sublime!
      hey, well… stay in touch! let me know about your 3213 adventure and other what not!!!

    8. Sure! Will do! :D
      Thank you!