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double sided

there are two types of blogging
1.- the one who shares with the world how she spends her income in clothes, shoes and beauty
2.- the one who get's payed to showcase the clothes, shoes and beauty she was sent

it also seems that if you don't do collaborations with brands 
[and it is all about which ones you do them that makes the level of your blog high or low]
your blog is not worthy of people's time…
at the end it appears as a prostitution of yourself in order to get numbers.
dar consejos de que usar para que evento…

también parece que si no haces colaboraciones con marcas
[y depende de con cuales las haces que hace el nivel de tu blog subir o bajar]
no es digno de el tiempo de la gente…
al final parece una prostitución de ti mismo para tener números.
ah, y dar consejos para que usar para algún evento…
de verdad?
[i am losing it… i ain't got time for that.]

[lo estoy perdiendo… no tengo tiempo para eso.]


  1. haha, great introduction, I love your cynical thoughts lately. the type of blogger prostitution you describe here is a big part of why I despise most style blogs today (and why I love the few good ones, yours included!)

    1. hahahahaha thanks!!!
      i am quite desperate for a change… its quite tiering to do as the 'blogger' when there is much more to explore…
      working on it ;)