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au contraire…

it's true when they say you learn all you need to know outside of school…
i don't mean to encourage all to be dropouts, please don't, but i do believe several ideas get twisted when in formation.
as a design student, you are taught to venerate and respect the morals of design…
when sadly the real world tends to work in a different way.
i used to believe it was a local thing, but while working 'out there' in the real world industry
i realised it is true, we are no more 'createurs' we are mere 'stylists'…

es cierto lo que dicen que todo lo que necesitas saber lo aprendes fuera de la escuela…
no quiero emocionarlos para dejar la escuela, por favor no, pero creo que varias ideas se tergiversan cuando estas en el proceso.
como estudiante de diseño, aprendes a venerar y respetar las morales del diseño…
cuando tristemente en el mundo real se tiende a trabajar diferente.
creia que era algo que solo pasaba en México, pero al trabajar 'allá afuera' en la industria de el mundo real
me di cuenta que si, no somos 'createurs' somos tristemente 'stylists'…

but to me [and many more people i know, met and will] Rei Kawakubo is a genius…
the true evolution of what Mademoiselle Chanel started.
they are not so apart as it may seem to many…
Chanel was a transgressor, not a style and elegance icon.

para mi [y muchos que conozco, conocí y conoceré] Rei Kawakubo es un genio…
la verdadera evolución de lo que Mademoiselle Chanel empezó.
no son mundos tan aislados como parece…
Chanel fue una transgresora, no un icono de refinamiento y elegancia.
[CHANEL 3213 frames  +  Riri Woo  +  Comme des Garçons neoprene jacket  +  CDG BLACK candy bag  +  Dior Rouge 999  +  Dior street charms ID bracelet  +  Zara Men drop crotch pants [very Junya dont you think?]  +  Giuseppe Zanotti rouched booties]


  1. The jacket made an appearance again! Love it!

    1. yes!!! its one of my favorite pieces!!!
      love that you love it ;)

  2. the jacket is out of this world, and I can't believe these pants are from Zara! great idea shopping at their men's section.

    1. indeed the jacket is sublime!!! [got it from Gracia 'the rosenrot', her ebay shop is to die!!!]
      and oh men! the size is L!!! so no, no shame.
      this season they have more CDG-Yohji style drop-crotch, i dont know how i feel hahahaha