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the evening opulence

as mentioned before, limited editions make the world go round, not love.
its interesting how this dynamic was what kept high-end brands alive…
but it is now ruling the world everywhere we go.

como mencione antes, las ediciones limitadas hacen que el mundo gire, el amor no.
es interesante como esta dinámica fue la que mantuvo a las marcas de lujo vivas…
pero ahora esta dominando al mundo en todos sus niveles.

Revlon creates seasonable collections with Gucci Westman and these were for FW13… some people loved it some hated it. i do believe in the color correcting properties of the teal 'invite only' lipbutter because indeed my lips look skintoned, whereas with 'provocative' i find the clear balm warm up in my lips and adjust to my ideal pink shade… and i like to wear them before/after i put on a matte lipstick.


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