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oh boy! this is the latest feature [and i am quite bad at sharing because i sometimes just post them on fb or tw… but here i am doing my best] and i feel quite honoured to be in this issue of 'cool jobs' along with some dear and amazing friends! [sorry its in spanish, but you can enjoy my facial expressions and hand talking ;) click the link to know the other bloggers]


  1. nice to hear you talk, I often find people's voices inconsistent with their image (or should I say my perception of their image), but yours really fits. I even understood a little bit - I took a year of spanish in high school, but sadly I can't say much more than those textbook sentences, like "el senor peralta viaja con iberia" and "por que maltratas al perro" :D

    1. hahahahahaha you made my day!!! hahahaha
      thank you! its nice to know you enjoyed it hahahahaha