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it's the weekend, and as much as i would love to scream #TGIF, i work all week…
the debate starts where i wonder how much is actually extra work if i've been procrastinating all week long.
anyways, i'm lusting after the couch potato i could be if i was free and got no bills to pay… that and eBay.

truth out and all, this gem was rescued from a rack at a sad place [with the 90's tags still on]
there, begging for a lazy life together and no visits to a public restroom… i had too.
how can you say no to an obscene onesie that belonged to sporty spice and subtly is see-through…
wearing it to the office was inappropriate but so rewarding… it's like 'pijama fridays'.

[Prada 'poeme' flower sunglasses  +  Zara panelled vest  +  DKNY onesie  +  Stella McCartney rubber sole pumps]


  1. wow, giving off some serious superhero vibes here!

    1. have i earned my wonderwoman status?!
      wohoooooo!!! lol, thanks ;)