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how many times have we become fixated with the idea of letting go?
it seems like one of my hidden talents is to never hold on to what i somewhat love,
the adrenaline of mutating and evolving around the unknown…
that uncomfortable comfort.

cuantas veces nos podemos enganchar en la idea de dejar ir?
parece ser que uno de mis talentos ocultos es nunca sostenerme de lo que amo,
la adrenalina de mutar y evolucionar al rededor de lo desconocido…
ese incomodo comfort.

today, deep inside, i can't remember how to forget that place i felt like home…
is nostalgia a healthy place to visit? or is it more dangerous than denial?

hoy, dentro de mi, se me olvida como olvidar ese lugar que se sintió como hogar…
es la nostalgia un lugar sano para visitar? o es mas peligroso que la negación?

[Hussein Chalayan x UM secure speed silk hook top and pants  +  Marc Jacobs+MARIPOL ring  +  Céline hinge wedge pumps]


  1. oh my, this looks just gorgeous head to toe! the top reminds me a bit of my black blouse by arya sense (you can check them out via links in my latest post if you're interested), can't wait to get a chance to wear it for the first time!

    1. thank you and yes!!! i see the resemblance!!!
      oh i can't wait to see it in action!!!