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where beauty begins…

getting free samples of luxurious products is like meeting the perfect man and realising it is very unlikely for you both to be together… heartbreaking.
i am not one to have a religious skincare routine, honestly i hate the feeling of creams on my skin
[somedays SPF is the only thing i can bare to commit to…]
but i saw the video of this line and found it quite revealing… i loved it.
however, once i tried them [i was drowned by the simple, chic and sleek packaging…] there was no turning back.
the scent, the texture, the effect each formula gives to the skin is perfection in each bottle… an investment that is hard to regret.

[CHANEL le jour, la nuit, le weekend skincare line  +  Le vernis in Eastern Light and Black Satin  +  3213 ophthalmic glasses]


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