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ideals, morals and perception

the fashion industry has different layers
trend forecasting, design conception, showcase, production, promotion, retail…
i am no expert but i have experimented in all of those fields.
as a consumer, we tend to idealise the essence of fashion… the morals of it.
truth is trends are a tool for helping designers to avoid running out of ideas,
due to the fast pase of consumption, needs are created and solved with advance.
they are a way to control the masses; not to please designers aims for a better world…
the process of 'design' is a tricky one, but the reality of our times is that everything has been done before
nothing is new and will be hard to reach the masses with innovative shapes and forms
we are only working with the same canvas only playing with lines, cuts and materials…
but as designers we love a good round of applause and have our masterpieces showed at a dignified
platform and feel our egos fulfilled with all of those good reviews, but sadly that wont pay the bills
we live in a capitalist world, whether we want it or not; we need to understand this is an industry
it does not respond to aesthetic pleasures only, but mainly on commercial success.
now a days blogs, online publications and magazines play the role of selling clothes and ideas,
there are two types of visual merchandising aspirational and inspirational…
depends on the focus of the audience, but at the end as Karlitos said: if none buys it there is no fashion.

i was somewhat shocked to see this trench made in the same fabric as my pants…
now a days exclusivity is a nonexistent term.

[Givenchy Liv's Lips  +  HM trench  +  Hussein Chalayan top and pants  +  Marc Jacobs + Maripol ring  +  Jil Sander by Raf Simons boots]


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