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Modernity is confused with the immense and strong vitality of mass media, and at the same time, to be modern implies an effort to live day by day.
A current tendency of our era, which is labeled with fantastic perceptions prevalence, becomes evident within a shapeless, undefined and seductive structure. This structure is always present and is moving forward; spares in the own perception of senses are produced.
Since the invention of an urban world leads to a new aesthetic perception of daily life, where the world is sensed in very different ways, until reaching the point of shaping another aesthetic a visual perception of reality, until the point to consider something “extra aesthetic” (to look beyond the natural appearance of things) and modernity’s hidden face. (Alienation, isolation and being part of the masses).
Further information is hidden behind the urban aesthetic reality and it is more likely to be perceived by the sense of sight, it intends to reach a veil of urbanity’s visual aesthetic, until the point to consider something “extra aesthetic”. (To look beyond the reality of things).
Although it does seem so, which such elements, it is impossible to leave behind the expression a feeling of an aesthetic approach. (Because simultaneously these elements play another “extra aesthetic” role, or to be said, totally and simply utilitarian).
A new painting production guided by its own nature, which must be pleasant and attractive; this feature will be its own signature and the platform for its visual power. At the end, it must be a process in order to fall in the arms of seduction.
Olivié Ponce.

whilst planning for this project, Olivié was in the midst of this intervention…
being able to experience this penthouse and it's view was amazing.
such a beautiful juxtaposition. the noisy surroundings and the subtle harmony of it's reflection.

mientras planeábamos este proyecto, Olivié estaba en plena intervención de estos muros…
poder vivir esta experiencia de este penthouse y su vista fue increíble.
una hermosa yuxtaposición. los entornos ruidosos y la sutil armonía de su reflejo.

[Zara top  +  Fendi wide leg trousers  +  APCLPSO SULT clutch  +  Fendi boots]

ART: Olivié Ponce
Special thanks to Fendi Mexico: Hugo, Stan et Noe
Location: Penthouse Terrace on the Upper East Side, Park Ave,  NYC.

"Petróleo 6"
Alkyd enamel on canvas
85x55inches (aprox)
2014. Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.


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