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isn't it ironic

who inspires who?
with all the controversy surrounding la Maison Martin Margiela i couldn't help but question
myself and my immediate reaction… who are we to blame?
i pulled out this vintage Jean Paul Gaultier blazer/coat from my collection and it hit me.
Martin was clearly influenced and a influence whilst assisting Gaultier in the design department…
what Margiela wanted was to steer away from the spotlight and let his work do the talking.
sadly for Galliano, who enjoyed the flashes, his work was shadowed and underestimated…
however, in the core, they are all the same… they don't take themselves seriously.

[Vintage sunglasses  +  Kat Von D studded kiss in Slayer  +  Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier corduroy blazer with jean jacket overlay  +  Formula X dark matter  +  Alexander Wang Rocco  +  PandB boyfriend jeans  +  Givenchy chained wedge boots]


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