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Mercado Roma

yes, we are all under this hipsteria state of mind where our knees go weak as soon as
we find new cool foodie-approved destinations… learned it whilst in Brooklyn.
so, when in Rome do as the romans. i have been to this Food Market in Mexico City
more times than i can admit… i am a happy camper as soon as i enter through the first options.
[however, i believe i dressed for the occasion… a totally subconscious decision.]

cuando en Roma hacer lo que hacen los romanos.
Este Mercado [por Arq. Rojkind + Godoy + Cadena] es lo que hace a mis rodillas temblar
opciones gourmet, de todos tipos de comida, en un formato integral que provoca…
[he visitado mas veces de las que me atrevo a confesar, pero por alguna razón me vestí para la ocasión]

[above: me asking my friend to execute the photo i had envisioned… he pulled it off better than i had hoped… down: failed selfie.]

[Marc Jacobs Crush Kiss Pop  +  Maison Martin Margiela Resort 2012 embroidered flame t-shirt  +  Burberry pants  +  Fendi SS13 polifonia boots]

[location: Mercado Roma. Mexico City]


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