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Thrifting 101

you may know by now, i am a hoarder… but in my defence, not your typical trash accumulator
i love finding historical fashion treasures, and my favourite method is eBay.
yes, good old eBay…
but there are some rules to this game, and i may or may not have mastered the eBay thing
you must know what you are after, an exact piece or designer.
in the immense world of sellers and their options sometimes the product is not accurately described
so be on the hunt, set your rules and preferred items.
i have no problem with second hand stuff, but i am quite picky with the condition of the item.
BNWOB [brand new without box] BNWT [brand new without tags]
PREOWNED [sometimes 2 wears max]
clothes are tricky, so it's best if you can tell none ever over used it… like shoes.
i love searching Margiela, CDG, Demeulemeester, Chalayan, Jil Sander, Balenciaga, Givenchy
[i dont like searching for popular items like Chanel or Hermès bags,
most of them are fake or overpriced, double check everything]
if i see there is still time for the item to end its auction period, i put it on my watch list
so i dont forget and keep an eye for when i've saved some to splurge…
the thing is, i NEVER pay more than 300dlls for shoes, that's my limit. [most of the times]
for clothes is the same, i go around the 50dlls to 250… because most of the items are so weird
i know why they are sold so cheap, none wants them!

sellers on eBay, some are stores, and some others are private ones
i before do anything check if they ship to Mx [i've won A-MAZING pieces but they refuse to ship!!!]
then i check what other items they offer, if i see no coherence in their photos i feel insecure
so i send a message, if they are legit they will offer more photos! and most of my purchases have been a pure joy because it is all about the interaction, like this pants, e-dropoff sent them beautifully packaged and this cape came all the way from Rusia!
[it took 2 months but it was a matter of customs delay]

i know i should gift this to Galliano now that he is at MMM…
[still on the fence about this, but i'll wait and see what he has to offer,
so far not a fan of Wintour dress at the BFA…]

i also love going to second hand boutiques and flea markets in NY and Paris.
someone's trash is my treasure ;)


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