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BALENCIAGA SS 09 galactic sock boot

i have [way] more than 99 problems and a brand new pair ain't one.
however, the thing is, i have been collecting iconic, rare and unique shoes that are museum worthy
and because i am still on the hunt of a couple [yes, the never ending quest for the shoe that got away]
i will display them here, on my little cyberspace [im such a romantic]

now, lets discuss the technical wonders of this work of art
first, we can now understand why they [the executives at BALENCIAGA] fired the genius of Ghesquière.
the investment a pair of shoes [limited production plus 'unwearable'] like these represent
let's dissect it: a PVC sandal is covered on a sock [a very fancy one, the neoprene is impecable]
that is secured by a set of modular panels that make the sole/platform.
the paw-like pattern is somewhat a incoherent mix of prehistoric-meets-outerspace-chic
can't wait to go to the supermarket in them!!! [sad, but oh so true]


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