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i may have gone gaga over hats lately…
[great for disguising a bad-hair day aka root galore. i realised that just after getting them done…]
it could be blamed on the extra amount of time i spent back in my hometown where,
rumor has it, hat dreams are made of… seriously, they are known for their hat game…
anyways, the only downside is the lack of weird ones… so i made my own.
back in the days, i used to play with my childhood friend [no jokes here] to have our runway
where the best hat-tower [the one who had more hats won!] but today i kept it chill… just two.

[Givenchy noirs en folie green eyeshadow  +  MAC creme de nude  +  Chanel Black Pearl vernis]
[random cowboy hats  +  old Zara faux fur vest + sweater  +  Maison Martin Margiela pillow case pants  +  Margiela faux wedge boots]


  1. Obssessed!!!
    Me encantó este look, está de revista!!!


    - Eduardo

  2. Me encanta que siempre vayas más allá, como si te esculpieras o te convirtieras en un collage de tendencias, texturas, accesorios fuera de lo común... Simplemente, estás un paso más adelante...

    1. pffff gracias!!! espero lo que sigue te guste igual o mas que esto ;)