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retour au futur
in the last few days i've been doing major research for the upcoming years in the product design,
social media and mass culture fields… predictions for a future that already exists.
the scary and obscure programming we are all under, de-personifying the human,
unifying the masses through subconscious mind-states… created needs that are 'solved' in advance.
i no longer [havent in years…] see the world through rose tinted glasses.

[Maison Martin Margiela ligne 8 l'incognito sunglasses  +  Dior Tribal chrome earrings  +  MAC Cyber lipstick  +  Armani Neve 'apres ski' top  +  PHUSE crystal bracelet  +  APCLPSO ravage  clutch  +  MMM leather pants  +  Balenciaga by Ghesquière SS09 sock sandal boot]


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