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ML: #clubdecena 14·02·15

as a lover for all things well curated, mind blowing, and that i've never seen/experienced before
i was delighted to be invited, again, for the special menu dinner for this lovely holiday.

como amante de todas las cosas bien curadas, impactantes y que no he visto/vivido antes
estaba encantada de ser invitada, otra vez, a la cena de menu especial para esta adorable fecha.

starting up with some cocktails: Letus and Valentina

cocteles de arranque: Letus y Valentina

Salmon graviax + salad

Graviax de salmon  +  ensalada

Vegetarian Starter:
spinach + Goat cheese + Nut = salad

Entrada vegetariana:
ensalada = espinaca + queso de cabra + nuez

Soup 1= Gazpacho + Strawberries
what i could not believe is the layers beneath the mix!
the first taste of pepper and the development of the garlic to end on a sweet berry like note!!!

Soup 2= coconut + almond milk + melon
i was expecting something sweet at first taste, but no. there was a onion/garlic top note
with the sweet milky touch and the melon was a burst of fresh sweetness.

Sopa 1= Gazpacho + fresas
no podia creer las notas y capas de la mezcla!
el primer nivel de pimiento y se desenvuelve el ajo y al final la nota dulce de fresa

Sopa 2= leche de almendra + coco + melon
estaba esperando algo dulce al primer momento, pero no. la nota principal de ajo/cebolla
con el toque dulce de la leche y el melon era una explosion dulce y fresca.

Main 1= a bed of black beans + Fish filet + fried banana
nothing i had expected. the mix had an interesting result!
i was flipping by this point! simple ingredients and preparation but the taste was sweet + salty

Main 2= Filet + bed of 3 chili and strawberries + Asparagus + potatoes
my companion's reactions were just as mine. he was so taken away by the un-expectancy…
'the texture of the meat!, you know i'm not a "spicy" type of person but oh this is so worth it!'

by this time i was so over-pleased that i was not feeling the urge to 'spoil' the sentiment
but oh! textures and flavours!!!
Chocolate + mascarpone cheese roll with marshmallow cover  +  berries  +  cookie sand
Rose icecream!!! + mini profiteroles  [!!!]

las texturas y sabores!!!
rollo de chocolate y queso mascarpone con cubierta de bombon + moras + arena de galleta
nieve de rosas [!!!] +  mini profiteroles [!!!]

i am still trying to wrap around my mind to the fact this meal is over.
going through this pics makes me want to repeat! till next year…

trato de mentalizarme con la idea de que esta cena se termino.
ver estas fotos me hacen querer repetir! hasta el año proximo…


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