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like a tourist in my own town

as much as i liked the idea of being a nowherian [one who doesn't belong to somewhere due to being nomad, which i kinda relate to because i never felt like i 'fitted' into my local crowd]
i have learned through this staycation that i have been quite lucky to have grown up in such a calm, easy, comfortable place… which made me want to complicate things and go against the flow, naturally.
pleasing people has never been my moto, and somehow i feel like i have been kinda 'free' to do my own thing and be the weirdo of the bunch… sometimes you don't realise how much you've got until you stop and leave the epicentre to look at yourself from another perspective.

i am loving this 'deconstructed' aerial bits and pieces of my outfit all laid out in perfect harmony.
thank my OCD. [i feel it's getting worst and worst as the days go by]

[SomHer straw Hat  +  MAC enchanted one  +  Hussein Chalayan t-shirt  +  Marc Jacobs pants  +  Chanel Azure  +  Gucci Palmas pumps]


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