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l'air gets dense… i've run out of  freedom.
it looks as though it's time for multiple reality checks.
the ones i've tried to scape from the most.
my immediate context for once doesn't seem to be a naive shelter.

when i saw A.F. Vandevorst's look created by Igne Grognard i fell for it.
[you know i am already a big fan of hers]
i kept thinking: if love is in the air, i don't want to breathe.
although i bet there is a more politicised stand behind it…
feel this is a big statement but i guess i've found a new messiah
the one who may represent what Martin used to mean to me.
l'anti-mode. la revolution. l'intellectualisme conceptuel.

[Alexander Wang shirt  +  Hussein Chalayan x UM top  +  vintage Helmut Lang patch pants  +  Burberry Prorsum creeper sneakers]


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