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continuing this self-discovery saga [once again i feel i'm going through a middle-life crisis]
i came to the realisation that i am the result of several people who have influenced me,
in today's case, my grandma. i got it from my grandma!
she has always have this fascination with all things surreal…
growing up, visiting her was basically laying with her at the patio staring at the sky to 'hunt'
for flying stars, that are not stars… dreaming of a world out there were we probably belonged to…
she loves UFO's and all kinds of prehistoric evidence; i believe we have a nice place to scape.

anyways, this photos were taken outside my hometown's local market,
she has a spot there where she has worked for over 25 years…
visiting her was such an adventure in itself! i learned heaps from there.
fun fact is, it looks like a space ship! it all makes sense to me now!
let's see where this 'tourist in my own town' leads us to next.

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