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everyday we are fighting an incessant battle for and against our ego
[some have even made it clear to us that it is not our amigo]
to be in and on the know, the need for recognition, the desire to be acknowledged
the feeling we are obliged to be one in a million, but isn't what this last decade has been all about?
and by being against the system, we homogenise in to the same [but different] system.
this time in history couldn't better represented by any other than the 7 capital sins
[not that i am religious, because i am not… sin #1 i love myself more that i believe in God]
we want more, we need more… we LUST and it's ok.
the wrong thing, from a moral perspective, is to steal from another and take the privileges
another one worked for in other to satisfy the short-term ego's need for a good round of applause.
but there are some efforts from intellectuals that make it clear to us that de-personifying
the individual and making a statement through thoughts and ideas, represented by garments
that go beyond the purpose of embellishing the person, but to use it as a walking protest.

the über-sexualization of the human, whom i understand is an animal, yet has been able to create
this world dominating presence by questioning and evolving it's existence.
we are embedded in this uncomfortable comfort zone of evolution as a result of being distracted
we are hedonist, satisfying our primal needs, we forgot to LUST intellect;
which can backfire at us, yet we should not be afraid of pushing our limits
controlling and balancing the brain's dual capacities.

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