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the blog has been more than a journal, a therapy…
everything i've posted has a thoughtful process of telling a story whilst remaining vain.
in a way, i don't see only shoes and clothes, i re-live the moments i went through when wearing them.
particularly this day, it marks a 3 year period of my life… it has been a roller-coaster
there is a Lizzie pre and post Paris, moments that are so distant yet so present.
it's true, i was reborn as soon as i landed there back in 2011…
coming back to the place where my roots are in 2012 has been interesting.
last year i went through a really tough time, i guess the hardest yet to digest,
and i've only proven that when my immediate context is somehow restricting,
the more limitless in my creative responses i become… i guess that is my nature.
the past few months i've been trying to take one day at a time,
planning for my immediate future, no castles built up in the air, and i've never felt so miserable.
i am about to turn 25, and i feel this unease in my time being spent in nothing that makes me feel alive
its true, i ask too much from myself; but in my defence i don't expect anything from anyone else
i learned that the hard way, i am the only one i should demand and reward for my own good
feeling like the lonely wolf i am, solitude is the only cure for this crisis

[Zara brush strokes top  +  Phuse bracelet  +  APCLPSO Sult clutch  +  Burberry culottes  +  Balenciaga criss-cross pumps]


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