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i've said it before, and i'll say it again:
colour coordinated schemes keep my OCD at bay.
i can't help it! as much as i would love to be adventurous and daring,
mix and matching prints, colours and clashing styles, i simply CAN'T!
i believe it requires a gift or an incredibly clever eye to make the art of miss-matched work
but for the time being, i applaud myself for playing it safe with my matchy-matchy game.

[Mise en Dior tribal earring  +  Dolce and Gabbana green tortoise sunglasses  +  HM trend neoprene sweatshirt  +  BVLGARI save the children ring  +  UNIQLO jeggings  +  Alexander Wang prisma tote  +  LOEWE knot bag charm  +  BALENCIAGA boots]


  1. OMG! las Balenciaga están para morirse! ... bueno, toda tú! #Goddess