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Margiela - ela - ela

my love, devotion, [obsession if you will] for Martin's work knows no limits.
[i make it sound more cuckoo than it really is, but i am a die-hard fan]
i discovered his work in my mid-teens, and i wished i owned one of his pieces,
they were so hard to find, until i was in Paris and living the depot luxe life.
second hand little gems, at a 'affordable' price…
but before that i even considered the stitches tattoo, well, i still do. [more than ever actually]
the reason why my childog is named Ella, well you guessed it! Margi-ELLA!!!
i was going through my closet and realized i could curate a exhibition on MMM
however, it will never be enough. i am still hunting for a couple of missing pieces in my collection.

[PS: i am sorry for the wrinkles, but the material is so light and waxed, so it has no structure to it
but the heat makes the wax keep its wrinkles for a long time… its perfect imperfection.]
[and yes, my roots are visible. sorry i am not sorry]

[Maison Martin Margiela cape trench with square shoulders  +  MMM leather pants  +  Maison Martin Margiela cut out heel boots spring 13]


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