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oh, SNAP!

lately, i've been trying to curate as much as possible the content i post here…
my 'daily' outfits are quite plain or just variations of previous outfit posts.
i wont hesitate to admit i am a shameless outfit repeater… aren't we all?
something i love about the vloggers i follow on the 'tube is their daily vlogs,
those sneak pics to their day-to-day adventures, like a live-broadcast diary…
i've contemplated the idea, yet i found something more fun: SNAPCHAT!
if you are there, find me lizzie_lo [many people wonder where's Ella! she makes cameos 24/7]
back to the outfit… in my mind, this is plain and boring;
but people on the street's reactions make me reconsider my life priorities…
no wonder i am a true Man Repeller. with these shoes and dress lengths none is interested ;)
by the way, the dress and the shirt's exact lines made me feel my life was sorted. under control…
me and my OCD, we are really having lots of fun!

[Chloé sunglasses  +  Comme des Garçons polka dots t-shirt  +  Zara dress [as skirt]  +  Burberry Prorsum sneaker platforms]


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