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SNAP: the ball was hiked and it is officially in play.
FUMBLE: losing possession of the ball, while running with it or being hackled.
HANDOFF: giving the ball to another player.
HUDDLE: when players get together to discuss the strategy.
KICKOFF: a free kick that puts the ball into play, specially after the touchdown.
basically what my week could be summarized as…
going cray when the ball is in my side of the game.

[MAC aids lilac lipstick in Nicki 2  +  Maison Martin Margiela sharp shoulder blazer from SS 08  +  CHANEL vernis in Atmosphere  +  APCLPSO Sult clutch in iris  +  MMM line 22 sandal boots]


  1. Love how you turn fashion into costume. I wish I could see your outfits in motion.

    1. thank you!!! believe me it would be such a show!
      people looking at me like a freak… story of my life