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twisted views

perception. Perception. PERCEPTION!
the algorithms in our brain that relate to memories, feelings and reactions, they don't change.
it takes effort to unlearn what you have registered along the years and start from zero.
anyways, i said once that our perception is based in our cultural knowledge;
my brain used to be a sponge that absorbed everything, and had it readily available.
i could understand the other people's perception due to my curiosity to other cultures,
however, i never stopped to understand my own.
in the last days, revelations have come upon me, i go against my own.
if something in my immediate context [need i mention i am living in Mexico?] goes a certain way
be sure, i will go against it, in a very subconscious way.
i do it because 'things work different in X place' and in my mind i see things in a worldly way
but no. my perception is based in satanizing my cultural baggage. shamelessly.

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