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J'aime mon carré : gypsy vs western girl

Fashion, personal style, trends, they would all be meaning less unless we were ready to experiment
yes, it may be true, there is not a certain aesthetic [that is NEW] that hasn't been done before
we now have no limits, one day we could be wearing skinny jeans and now we have bell bottoms back!
i was on a mission this weekend to get new jeans, in the Zara sale they had PILES of jeans on jeans on jeans,
specifically, flared jeans. in multiple style variations. and as guilty as i am, i got 3 pairs. no shame.
and as i tend to be, i go by themes. be it a good thing or a bad thing. today i felt the gypsy in me flourish.
however, i am not 'that' ready to go there yet. but i do have this vintage Chloé sweater i got in Paris
which i've styled in a very harsh minimal way, and it worked, but the thought of it with flares was it!
they belonged together. it just needed the accessories to bring the look together.
believe me, i am having such a blast playing with the endless possibilities with this Hermès carré!
it all started a weekend i was going to San Miguel de Allende to celebrate my mom's birthday,
i had no idea what to wear [me all the time when i have to be a 'normal human' that doesn't look editorial…
i didn't want to scare the tourists… nor i wanted to look like one…] so i went straight to my mothers chest of treasures, and i found her orange boxes… truth be told, i felt they are 'so not my style',
which triggered my creative self to challenge the item and take it to all of the possible scenarios.
so far, this is a HIT! i have still a couple of looks more to share, and honestly, i want to get a carré for myself!

Hermès carré worn as a head scarf with the PIRATE FLUIDE knot

[Hermès boucles et galons du tsar silk carré  +  vintage Chloé sweater  +  Zara flared jeans  +  Chloé boots]

Hermès carré worn as a scarf with the COW BOW knot

the next day i was feeling the total opposite vibes… a little less eastern, a little more streamlined…
basically the same, but different, again, just changed the styling of the carré and switched the jeans.
somewhat minimal yet a statement.

[Chloé sunglasses  +  MAC Russian Red  +  vintage Chloé sweater  + zara jeans  +  Chloé boots]


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