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PRADA FW 12 embroidered jewel pumps + FW 14 voice black sunglasses

outfit planning does not only happen for one night in advance…
sometimes the process of 'building' an outfit takes months in order for me to gather the items.
i know, insane, but that brings fun to my life… like the lady in that doc 'advance style'
i felt identified with each one at a different level… i even got a bunch of grays already!!!
anyways, this shirt i found at the HM sale rack [ever since i spotted it i thought it was cool…
i have a thing for collared shirts with a twist!!! i believe i have started a collection worth sharing]
and it clicked! it belonged to the heels!!! till a couple of months ago,
i had been disgusted by anything rhinestone-y but this 'all black' combo, is easing myself into this world.


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