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straight forward

i am not one to give advice to others, not even myself.
almost all the time we know what we want and what we need.
the only thing we want is approval to know either you are or you are not going to follow your truth.
tho there are times i wish i could do what i think is best, but what stops me is fear.
it petrifies me the mere thought of collateral damage, i can hurt my self to pieces, but others…
i try to know the consequences, and it stops me for going and be up-forward and do me happy.
thanks to eBay [you see, every vice has its bright side] i've learned the value of patience…
if it's 'meant to be' 'written in the stars' 'wait, mercury is retrograde' i am willing to enjoy the ride.

[Massimo Dutti two-tone leather dress  +  Fendi Qutweets bird print wristlet  +  Louboutin vernis in kohl  +  Alexander Wang Addison boots]


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