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west end girl

loads of breaking moments have occurred during the last few weeks;
feelings swift, thoughts evolve, actions change. a new perspective has born.
i am not sure how this will impact many aspects of my life, but i am enjoying the ride…
anywho, it got a bit chilly and rainy over the weekend, and i had 'nothing' to wear,
headed to my mothers closet and found this old as F* poncho… me in pink, it is becoming a thing.
the bandana on the hat is a thing my dad used to do with his hat, he was a real cowboy back in the day
was becoming your parents the biggest fear you ever had?
mine was, and i try to take both's good assets as i grow older… living and learning.

[Som Her hat  +  vintage bandana · poncho · bolo tie  +  Ralph Lauren western cowboy sunglasses  +  MAC snob lipstick  +  Ernest Sewn jeans  +  BSK cowboy buckle boots]


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