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back in the early 2000's this tribe emerged and has evolved into new names as it adapts itself to younger generations, but un-doubtfully this lifestyle is here to stay.
described as privileged middle-class and up young people who are concerned about the environment, the products they consume and the respect and enrichment of their soul.
that doesn't stop them for wanting the best if guaranteed they have a artisanal manufacture or the ingredients are safe… read: responsible customers. That doesn't mean they are hard to shop for, take it as a enlightening shopping experience, you will learn a lot from them.

Anything cozy and inviting is a good bet, the pieces i found at their SPRINGFIELD selection was delightful! very well made and at the same time understated. You will for sure find something there that adapts for various personal styles…

Cualquier cosa acurrucadora e invitadora es una buena apuesta, las piezas que encontré en la selección de SPRINGFIELD estaban deliciosas! Muy bien hechas y a la vez muy casuales.
Existen muchas opciones que se adaptan a todos los estilos personales…

this lounge wear set is super nice and remember, appreciating your me-time is key for the season.

este set de ropa lounge es super linda y recuerda, apreciar tu tiempo tranquilo es clave de esta época.

If you are feeling fancy and you know they are picky, jewelry is always a safe bet.
Specially when the pieces are handmade and with high quality…

Si quieres irte por algo mas fancy y sabes que son picky, la joyería artesanal siempre es una buena opción.
Especialmente cuando son de alta calidad y hechas a mano con piezas lujosas.

But Jo Malone is the perfect example of me-time gone fab!!!
i am dying to get the advent calendar, it doesn't matter December is halfway gone!
receiving this is like the gift that keeps on giving! perfect for those depressing January days that are about to come…

Pero Jo Malone es el perfecto ejemplo de tiempo y espacio en un nivel fabuloso!!!
me urge este calendario de adviento, no importa que Diciembre ya se nos este yendo de las manos!
Recibir esto es como el regalo que no tiene fin! perfecto para estos dias post-fiestas depresivos de Enero…

Christmas Gift Guide with Palacio de Hierro #NAVIDADPALACIO


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