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everyone's closet should include the classic trench, the monogram duffle bag and a pair of smart shoes.
but as no surprise to us all, i can't commit to the clichés if not taken with a turn…
as soon as i laid my eyes on this trench cape i knew this was the perfect twist to the somewhat boring old shape [that is perfect as is, but i love me some drama…] and as for the monogram…
i am more of a geometric OCD kind of person, so the damier ebene is slightly more understated.
in my opinion, i feel that every time i go this manly on the shoes, heavier makeup seems to balance it all out

[MAC Film Noir lipstick  +  Zara Man trench cape  +  Louis Vuitton damier ebene speedy 30  +  Jil Sander loafers]


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