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check mate

in spite of the deceiving spring arrival [it hailed right after this shoot when it was sunny and warm for most of the day…] i have been waiting for it to be proper to wear the shirt in a twisted way matching the jeans and my sunglasses… rumor has it gingham is back, but lets be honest, i wear it trendy or passé… vichy print is a classic.

[Dolce and Gabbana gingham sunglasses  +  MAC Ruby Woo  +  FENDI By The Way bag  +  LOEWE nodo keychain  +  DandG gingham jeans  +  Chloé doc boots]
doing what i do best, matchy-matchy all the way.
this KIND bars are what keeps me going, my hair and nails are super healthy and my body loves it.
i am not sure if you are a health freak as i am, but being vegan for almost 10 years its kind of hard,
specially as a girl, but almonds nuts and pistachios help my body work like a clock.


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