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pick up the pieces

to put myself back together again…
a couple of weeks ago i hit rock bottom after being devastated and heart broken,
someone saw through my façade [of tough and strong] and knew i needed a pick-me-up intervention
took me shopping [and i was somewhat broke, despite feeling spendy i knew i had to control my card-swiping temptation] so i left empty handed and funny enough i felt empowered, not because i had given up in shopping but because i realized there were many things i liked and desired to allow a situation that had no solution but to walk away helped me to focus on working harder and keep my eyes on the price [some people like to call it 'motivation'] and get the bag i wanted :) happy

[PRADA frames  +  MAC velvet teddy  +  American Eagle Outfitters sweater  +  Zara wax coated jeans  +  LOEWE puzzle in tan  +  LOEWE nodo bag charms in black and white  +  MARNI flatforms]


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