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it's well known that every criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.
so it was about time for me to revisit my cray-cray freak-of-the-week self…
this day in particular [yes, i did wore this outfit in real-life events…] i remembered why i love what i love. Indeed it ain't easy to sport this kind of looks and get away with murder, it takes either courage or a true je m'en fous attitude, which is basically my motto. truth is i don't dress for others [as cliché as it sounds] i don't seek external approval [which in a way is somewhat incoherent for some due to me exposing myself on the internet… because i can admit it, i know there is some people out there with whom i can share who i am and be appreciated, but i don't have a conflict with that not being the case in my immediate context… i fear to get lost in the idea, so ramble is over] so dressing for oneself is empowering! i remembered why i was so drowned to this aesthetic, the anti-fashion.
The Anti-fashion movement was born as a statement against the over-sexualization of the gender, as a desire to highlight the intellect and somewhat make attractive the understated. And let me tell you, i know this may seem ridiculous but sunglasses aside, i felt über powerful. Like i could be anyone, anywhere and at anytime and i would be complete. Which is in a way a realization of mental and spiritual independence of an external physical companion. And with that i felt proud.

[PRADA eyebrow sunglasses  +  Kat Von D slayer studded kiss lipstick  +  Maison Martin Margiela trench sleeves  +  Comme des Garçons Homme dropcrotch trousers  +  Fendi By The Way bag  +  LOEWE nodo  +  Maison Martin Margiela floating heel boots]


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