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Vintage Maison Martin Margiela f'cked up pumps

the way i envision the girl who's wearing this is one who's gone through hella lots the night before as she's walking back home trying to get her shit together with her smeared make up and chipped nails.
grotesque in a sweet poetic way… kind of sexy kind of off-putting.

if anything i am proud to welcome this pair to my ever-growing shoe collection. 
it takes a lot of intricate work and artisanal input to make a new pump look damaged without it being touched before. a common practice within my Margiela archives, however, this pair in particular comes from way back when [probably late 90's early 00's] he was clearly still holding the rails of his Maison… i sort of believe he actually touched this pair himself and placed them in the box just for me to years later complete my obsessive homage to his legacy.


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