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Radio Silence

human connections, so necessary for evolution yet so painful when the absence makes a presence…
in this past adventure i've tried [with some resistance may i admit] to react differently, to act upon desire even if that meant to show my weakness and my vulnerability…] i tried.
it's quite hard to change the way we process situations and feelings, but the only thing i am proud to have is that i was aware and fully conscious of the moment as it was present, i will treasure those memories as cheesy as it sounds, but they were precious and at times too-good-to-be-true that maybe what i projected was portrayed as cold and distant when in fact i was feeling the bubbliest of the bubbles! truth is i miss feeling that spark within me, feeling good enough and motivated to pursue this endless quest of my better self… but one has to move on, even when that silence makes too much noise.

i tried the greige smokey look that Dior put out in the runway but i made it my way a little less bold and with some Dior Addict Extreme in Incognito, a taupe-y nude to make it work for my office-appropriate attire [that's why i have the nude bodysuit… sometimes showing some skin can be too much skin]

[HM sleeveless navy tunic  +  Isabel Marant corduroy pants  +  Givenchy zipper bag  +  Balenciaga slingbacks]


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