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#bytheway : 🔥 when we are fire 🔥

when a piece of clothing brings a long list of tunes to play in my head i can't help it but to have a snapchat dance party. [shameless self promo! follow me : lizzie_lo
i wore this defying mother nature and her monthly visit, so 'this girl is on fire' was quite a literal representation of that current situation… however! however… i was more so on a Lo-Fang type of a mood and his song which i stole for this title had me with the celo version!
🎶 damage… why the hell did you just say that, I'm a person not a concept;
work it out or let me go… Even when we're fire 🔥 even then you never loved🎶

[MAC Lady Danger lipstick  +  MM6 plexiglass choker necklace  +  Maison Martin Margiela fringe flame t-shirt  +  Zara distressed jeans  +  Chanel coromandel vernis  +  Fendi By The Way bag  +  Loewe knot charms in white and black  +  Fendi iridia pvc sandals]
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and because i had to… honestly i am obsessed with this little pots of joy!
every single flavor there is under the family of 6 from Vigilant Eats are perfection!!!
and it makes me really happy to match them to my outfits #superfoods + #superclothes 🔥


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