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happy looks good on you

in all of my posts i try to portray how i am feeling and what ever thought might be crossing my mind at the moment, but somehow i feel this is more of a personal one, hence the different vibe.
i have been battling whether or not to share this pics because this was some sort of D-day for me and everything took a turn i had not seen coming!
it was late May and i was bubbling inside and blooming in a beautiful way, it came from a place of love, acceptance, honesty and trust. it was pure perfection, nothing had ever felt so right and at ease, it makes me both smile and shed a tear to remember that state of being and mind.
there was this event i had to take a good 3 hour ride to get to and after it was done i visited a friend at his work and he was shocked to see me and my 'change of look' i swore i had done nothing to my self yet he insisted i looked my best! then after an Eureka! moment he said 'i know what you did to yourself! happy looks good on you!' and i nodded because it all made sense, i knew something had changed in me and i was into it!
literally days after, the situation took a 180 spin and left me frozen cold and bare to the core, everything was under self-doubt and regrets, taking steps back… i currently feel slightly under the weather but time will pass; and don't be scared we will go back to regular schedule programing filled with darkness and nostalgia ;) happy places [the irony…]
anyways, a bit of a backstory from this ootd: the blazer is a top that has this tie-around belt that i decided to leave as a train to make it feel more casual and modern [it's quite old! and stole it from my mom's!] but it seemed like a good fit once paired down with this cargo pants that have matchy matchy paint splats but the place was not at all intended to be this much of a perfect spot! actually it's the same exact space as in THIS however, the mood is tots diff

[MAC versicolour stain in ceaseless energy  +  Fendi blooming shirt  +  American Eagle Outfitters splattered cargo pants  +  Fendi petite 2jours with tricolor pom pom charm  +  Dries Van Noten iridescent pumps]


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